01. One of the key [elements] in our plan is a new advertising campaign.
02. There are 109 different [elements] in the Periodic Table in chemistry.
03. Aristotle believed that the universe is composed of 4 [elements]: earth, air, fire and water.
04. In science, each [element] is composed of a different type of atom.
05. Alice Hoffman once said that when all is said and done, weather and love are the two [elements] about which one can never be sure.
06. Ludwig von Beethoven apparently never mastered the [elements] of arithmetic beyond addition and subtraction.
07. Symbols and their meanings are essential [elements] of culture.
08. When I was in high school, we had to memorize the names of all the chemical [elements] in the periodic table.
09. Simple hard work has been the primary [element] in the story of his success.
10. There is a Saudi Arabian proverb which states that you can always find good [elements] in the misfortune that strikes you.
11. Gold is the sixteenth most rare of the chemical [elements].
12. Protein is an essential [element] for growth and repair of the human body.
13. The people of Sri Lanka have absorbed cultural [elements] from the Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and British who have come to the island.
14. Gold was considered a sacred [element] symbolic of power to the Incas of Peru.
15. Weddings in Croatia often include traditional folk [elements], in addition to the rituals of the church.
16. The monetary value of the [elements] in our body is between four and five dollars.
17. Malcom X observed that education is an important [element] in the struggle for human rights.
18. The music of Cape Verde combines [elements] of Portuguese, African and Brazilian styles to create an entirely unique art form.
19. [Elements] of Buddhism filtered into China along the Silk Route from around the first century.
20. Though minerals can consist of a single [element], most minerals are actually compounds.
21. The fundamental [elements] of our planet's environment are water and air.
22. The musical style of Monteverdi and his contemporaries comprised diverse [elements], some borrowed from the past, others very new.
23. Someone once suggested that poverty is the most toxic [element] known to humankind.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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